Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Papusas, Black Beans and Fresh Tortillas in Guatemala

[picture coming soon]

I was delighted to encounter the Central American food of papusas. They are delightful and filling. Made with a cornmeal dough where fillings (my choices were queso, frijol, chicharron) are pushed into the center of a ball then covered and flattened into a pancake for cooking on the griddle.

While it took several minutes for my order to be made and cooked, it was well worth it and filling to last me the rest of the day.

My first papusas were 2 chicharron-filled. The second were 1 chicharron, 1 frijol. The third were mixed with frijol and chicharron. Topped with a cabbage mixture, red salsa, guacamole sauce, cilantro and lime, then served on a small plate with fork and knife, my stomach is growling for the next time I can eat one.