Friday, August 26, 2011

Harmony Valley Website Scavenger Hunt

Find the answers to the following questions on our website and get a FREE package of Harmony Valley Vegetarian Hamburger Mix!

1. Link your favorite HV recipe on the site!

Harmony Valley Breakfast Scramble

This is a particularly delicious way to begin your day! This recipe can be made with either tofu or egg. It is flavorful and a great way to start your daily intake of protein. ENJOY!

Can't wait to try this out. I love eggs in the morning and have already used Soyrizo to scramble. Plus, I love the fresh tofu I can get in the local markets here in Cambodia.

2. Where can you find HV near you?
There really isn't a local retailer that sells HV Vegetarian mix to my dismay. I'll look for it at our local natural foods store, though, called New Frontiers.
3. How do you make Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mix?
I cook it up with taco seasoning and use it for tacos, burritos and taco salads. So yummy to just have on hand for any of the above.